Fallen leaves – cozy cardigan

So i felt super cozy Last weekend yet wanted to go for a Walk.

So i left on my super duper warm and cozy socks underneath the even warmer timberlands, yes everything I wore was warm, like it was Really cold, ok?!

Threw on a highwaisted pair of Jeans and a very casual turtleneck sweater and wore this extremly warm (do i Know any other adjectives to describe my clothing?) cardigan from cheap monday.


Denim skirt and turtle neck sweater

I barely ever wear skirts. I plan on wearing them quite often but I usally end up wearing Jeans instead. I really like how they look on other People but I tend to feel somewhat insecure wearing them myself. Which may or may not be the reason I only own a few that are barely worn. Nevertheless, I do like this button up denim skirt from Urban Outfitters  a lot and I actually did wear it a few times (crazy I know).

I wanted to wear a it way more often than only a few times though and I did plan on wearing it almost once every week in the past month. Looking at it now, I have to admit I really like wearing this one.

Black and white – highwaisted jeans and cropped sweaters

So i bought this cropped sweater (, jumper, pullover, Shirt – whatever, there are so many words for it and I really don’t know which one suits the best) a while ago. Like really a while ago, i think it has been sitting in my closet for about 5 month and did not ever get to wear it, not that I wasn’t thinking about it sitting there in between all of my clothes all by itself. Also when I bought it I was all over it and needed (yes NEEDED!).

Anyways when I thought about wearing it I pictured a black ripped high waisted pair of jeans which I obviously ended up wearing it with. Though now looking back I am pretty sure any other pair of jeans would have done the job just as good or maybe even better. Buying it I thought I would be wearing it to School, since it is very comfortable and casual. The reason I didn’t wear it yet is that the pants I wanted to wear with it (the ones in the Pictures if I haven’t made that clear yet) are too small (I know, so sad!) and I couldn’t pictue the outfit with any other coloured highwaisted Jeans I own (like the Grey or blue pair of Jeans, that I still fit in). I might be a little ridiculous, a Little.

Now that it has been getting colder and I have been thinking even more about this sweater I decided I can’t but it on hold any longer, I needed it in my life so badly I can’t let it sit all alone in there  (am I being overly dramtic? – I might be).

Also, i don’t know about you, but warm cropped Sweaters seem to be Kind of missing the Point to me, since they fail to Keep your core warm at all. And wearing a tank top underneath kinda ruins the look.

Sweater weather – turtleneck Sweater and chelsea boots

Jup, there it is. Even if I’d wanted to there would be no way I could’ve put in another summer Outfit because, People, it has been freezing cold outside! Freezing! Ok maybe it had not yet been as cold but it certainly feels like it. And I have to admit I like beeing able to pull off some of these nice and warm sweaters which btw are way too comfortable to realize you can actually wear them outside your bed. I admit I might have been overreacting complaining about fall last week.

Nevertheless I’ll continue complaining about the cold weather (freezing! I’m telling you) and enjoy wearing comfy sweaters while wishing summer back and being exciting for all the fall activities at the same time. I make so much sense, right?!

Now can we talk abot this Sweater and how much I love the Color?! It’s such a pretty plum Color. Also I really like the cut, the turtle neck doesn’t feel sufficating and also the Sweater has the perfect length. It’s not cropped and not too Long either.

Last summer-kind-of-post 

Typing this it has been pouring outside and this was actually supposed to be a last Summer-kind-of-post for this year. Regardless I’d like to share this Outfit with you since there might be some ‚more last warm Fall days‘. 

Also I might not have had another Chance since it seems to be always too dark to take photos that I could share. I mean i Know I’m supposed to Love Fall like everyone else does but i already miss The Long Summer Nights (and days if that makes more sense) Anyways, i have to admit I am slightly excited for pumpkin picking (and carving), cozy sweaters  and hot chocolate. (Also pumpkin spiced latte has a good Reputation). So if I get the chance to take some more pictures any time soon, I promise this will be the last summer-kind-of-post for this year.

I recently purchased this vsx sportsbra which works way better as a bralette to show of underneath a low cut Tee. Also I might be slightly obsessed with anything that allows me not to wear a bra without not wearing a bra. (I Will Never be able to say,Type,read that Without having jess from New Girl complaining about boob prison in my head). Anyway i also think this looks pretty neat and is just way too comfy! I Paired the bralette and T-Shirt with Black Jeans and some sneakers to have a casual Outfit with some nice detailling

Summer weather – Fall feeling

I have to admit that it has been getting colder these past days though nowhere fall weather. The past weeks it has been above 30°C which was even warmer than during summer break don’t think I’m complaining, diggin‘ it. Never the less it has been about time for some fall colors and fall clothes.

Due to the high temperatures it wouldn’t be reasonable wearing anything different than ripped Mom-Jeans and cropped shirts. For it to feel more like fall I went for this mustard coloured cropped see-through shirt, which btw is longsleeved so its basically designed for fall! The Mom-Jeans are ripped which is great for this weather if you don’t want to wear shorts anymore but it would get to warm wearing jeans. Paired with some cut-out booties and your goood to go.


Stripes and Denim

I’ve been seeing the denim on stripes trend all summer and coincidental my closet consists mainly of striped, cropped tees which already had led me to give this trend a shot. Yet I bought another striped clothing Piece, because let’s be honest you can never go wrong with stripes.

The Dress is incredibly simple, it is cut quite low in the back and perfect for hot summer days. A denim jacket wrapped around the waist is pretty flattering for any bodytype, because it is putting the Attention on the smallest part of your Body. Whenever it gets too breezy you can just put it on and you’re good to go for a day at the lake that might last till the evening.

Dress – Forever21

Denim – Pimkie

Shoes – Pacsun

Bag – Urban Outfitters

11721134_861531753896782_1976983472_n 11774271_861531757230115_584670702_n 11805779_861531723896785_885747544_n 11798413_861531787230112_713052821_n 11780629_861531773896780_8657171_n 11774815_861531740563450_529311256_n

OOTW: vacation inspiration

Hello everyone,

I was on vacation in Turkey the past week and took a few snaps of the Outfits I wore that I know want to share with you. With the temperatures above 40°Celsius in summer some lose flowy clothes are just the best Option, am I right?

Day 1

11774341_859568720759752_955169580_n 11721398_859568707426420_284479292_n11749721_859568704093087_301564759_n

These Shorts are the most comfortable Shorts in the world!! And perfect for hot summer days, they are high waisted and I like to pair them with cropped tops, I Chose a seethrough one from H&M to Show off my Bikini underneath. All items were purchased at H&M.

Day 2

11125972_859568684093089_450856167_n 11749411_859568610759763_116622227_n

The Quality of those photos isn’t quite good but I’m sure you can see what I am wearing. As usual I went through with the highwaisted Shorts and cropped top theme but this time I went for rather tight Shorts and a lose Shirt. The Shorts are from Forever21 and the Shirt is from Pacsun.

Day 3

11751030_859568747426416_1223982005_n 11751174_859568734093084_1438904938_n 11774660_859568770759747_694780973_n 11780076_859568500759774_1019549780_oMy favorite go to in summer have to be romper. I bought this White one in a Little botique in New York and I absolutly love it. Though we all know the Problems coming with rompers yet being able to wear a ouncie in public is totally worth it, am I right?

Day 4

11774811_859568567426434_495240530_n 11787206_859568530759771_34502566_n 11787403_859568550759769_1447204319_n11778016_859568587426432_796318058_n

I know now it almost seems a bit crazy not wearing high waisted Shorts and a cropped top on day 3 but don’t you worry, I got right back to it. I felt a tad naked with a short cropped top so I threw over a Kimono to look more dressed. Also the flowy material didn’t make it too warm. Bought the Shorts at forever 21, the bralette is from UrbanOutfitters and the Kimono is from H&M.

Day 5

11780633_859568790759745_1912225238_n 11780371_859568837426407_1368595699_nOn the last day i wore another romper. I really like pattern of it also it’s the first romper I feel comfortable wearing when going out because I feel fully dressed. I found it at Forever21.

Late night watching television…

Just kidding. I didn’t hang out watching tv in these Jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love my jonies (for those of you that aren’t familiar with topshop Jeans, jonie is a uber highwaisted version of Jamie, I got the ripped ones, as you can tell), but they aren’t my go-to pants when it comes to comfortably sitting on my couch.

I went to a birthday wearing this Outfit, which basically is what I’m always wearing in all my Posts: high waisted ripped skinny Jeans and a cropped top. seethrough this time. I explained this a million times already, but I’ll put that out here again: I feel taller and skinnier wearing these kind of clothes. I have been looking for a well fitting bralette for quite a while and just recently found this one at UrbanOutfitters. I feel more safe wearing a bralette than a bandeau plus it is so so so comfortable!!! I feel like this is my main argument in every entry  so far.

Then again, to me dressing comfortable is the most important since

the more comfortable -> the better you feel -> the better you look. Though keep in mind that there is a TOO comfortable, as in

this doesn’t apply for sweats and oversized hoddied combined.

Speaking of comortable, I bought the shoes because they looked like the most comfortable Thing on earth, I worte them for 15 minutes that day and it cut both my feet.

Shirt – H&M

Shoes – H&M

Bralette – Urbanoutfitters

Pants – topshop



Joni – high and waisted

Hello everyone,

Long time no talk, thought I might Change that today. As usual it’s a post about some high waisted Pants and cropped Shirts. Because let’s be honest, WE DON’T LIKE CHANGES! Just kidding. Seriously though, I should start trying some new Outfit variations, at least changing the height of the Pants once in a while.

Anyway, as much as this might bore you, I’m obsessed with these highwaisted Pants! They go all the way up over my bellybutton and allow me to wear very cropped cropped-tops without feeling naked. High waisted Jeans also help to make your legs appear longer, big plus. A short girl’s gotta do what a short Girl has got to do, wearing Vans with high soles would be one of those things. I appear as if I was almost 2m now don’t I? 😉 Though my mom thinks the longer the hair the shorter you appear… hm.

Shirt – Urban Outfitters

Pants – topshop (joni)

shoes – vans

11354831_836031776446780_1229703282_n 11349936_836031779780113_590421249_n

11310944_836031786446779_1447724614_n 11289853_836031793113445_2014672622_n