Tortilla and berry icecream

Hello everyone! 🙂
My friend and I had a little cook out on the weekend and it seriously was delicious!



Just look at that tortilla, isn’t it beautiful? 😀 seriously though, it was really good so I decided I could not not share the recipe with you! It has quite a lot of cheese in it, which makes it somewhat high on calories but if you like melted cheese its completly worth it!
Cheese tortilla
700g potatos (cooked)
2 red peppers
1 onion
2 Garlic
6 eggs
100g cream
75g grated parmesan

As for dessert we ate some self-made icecream. To he honest we wanted to make a smoothie but it turned out a little more solid.


All you need are some frozen berries and juice


Then you blend it all together and tatahaa that’s all! 🙂
Btw. Its delicious!


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