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Happy Friday lovely readers! First of all I want to apologize for haven’t put up an outfitpost in a while. It’s just that it is all rainy and windy and cold outside and it’s just very hard to take pictures when that look somewhat decent when your hair is wet and all over the place! Anyway I promise my next post will have some nice outfits in it, ‚cause that’s how I roll. 😀 I don’t think that actually made sense, but really this is the last make-up/beauty/notclothing post for the week.

Back to the real things. I recently bought a few new make up essentials. By recently I mean about a month ago but hey, I needed some time to test it before reviewing it! 🙂 I’ve been using the same products for about 3 years and I felt the need to change it up a bit. These are my captures:Bild                                             I bought the Perfect Match powder from L’oréal in W5 with the perfect match concealer in number 3.

I wasn’t too happy with my Mascara so I bought the all in one Mascara from Make up Factory, i think it’s comparable (is that how you spell it?) to Ardeco’s all in one mascara.


I have been using the waterproof Manhatten Supersize Mascara. I used to have the same one without that whole waterproof part but that one doesn’t stay on for very long. The waterproofed version stays on way longer, but whenever I apply it to my lashes some of it always ends up on my lid. Even though it does stay on my lashes longer than the non-waterproofed one, it is all worn off whenever I come home from school.


The Manhatten mascara is on the left and on my right eye I used the All in one mascara from Make up factory. As you can probably see my lashes appear a bit longer on the right one, it also stays on there all day. I feel a lot more comfortable with this one on than with the manhatten supersize mascara and it doesn’t leave any black color underneath my eye or on my eyelid.



First of all I have to admit that I don’t really like wearing make up because it feels like wearing a mask to me. Which leaves me rather subjective on this part. The Pure Mineral Make-up by Maybelline does do its job though, I don’t wear it very often. Like once a month. I am quite satisfied with the L’oréal perfect match powder because it stays on most of the day and it doesn’t dry out my skin too much. Though I don’t think pure powder from maybelline is much worse. the perfect match powder is a bit better in my opinion but it is also twice as expensive as the maybelline one. To be honest I’ll probably stay with the pure powder because that’s a bit better for my wallet and not worse for my skin! 😀



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  1. stylejo · April 12, 2014


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