Rainy days

Hello lovely readers! If you read my previous posts you know that I have been wanting to do a rainy outfits post for a while. Sadly the universe didn’t want me to do one yet. This weekend I wanted to take some pictures for this blogpost and it was raining all day long. I took the chance and took out some rain clothes to help you get some ideas for what to wear on rainy days.


As I said it was raining all day long. Almost anyway, the second we entered the parking deck it stopped. I’m not even kidding, in those thirty minutes we needed to take those pictures, it just stopped raining. Apparently the universe really didn’t want me to do this. Since it obviously rained before we took those pictures I think it still is appropriate to make this a rainy days outfits post!

I chose two different types of outfits. The first one is rather dressy while the other one is more of a casual outfit. I decided to wear a skaterskirt with a cropped shirt, both from Forever21. For the second Outfit I decided to wear a pair of casual dark washed jeans paired with a read flannel.





10 Kommentare

  1. katnissdean · Mai 4, 2014

    The first outfit is really cute! I like it 🙂

  2. alligatortoe · Mai 7, 2014

    Love both these rainy day looks – absolutely adorable! Although I have to admit I’m partial to the plaid!! 🙂

  3. thefashionglitter · Mai 11, 2014

    Like so much the shirt! Kisses

  4. shenannigann · Mai 11, 2014

    The red lips and the coat together…. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    • leiaanne · Mai 11, 2014

      I’m glad you like it, I love reading about your time in Switzerland! 🙂

  5. fashiontipp · Mai 11, 2014

    Beide Outfits sind schön! You are singing in the rain 🙂
    Lg, Marina

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