Nail care review

Hello everyone! 🙂 I am putting up a blogpost from my phone for the first time and I do not like it!  Funny story. I had some issues with my laptop (actually it’s my dads but its been in my room for the past 2 years so I usually refer to it as MY laptop :D) and with all my knowledge about computers and technology I thought maybe I can get it to work faster. Turns out you’re not supposed to make it run recover. I deleted everything on there. All my pictures, music, documents, everything. Including the pictures I made on the weekend in Hamburg which were supposed to be my latest outfit post. Now i am scared to break it completly which is the reason I’m trying to do this on my phone.

Now that I ruined that I decided to make a little nail care products review.
I bought these three products about two weeks ago and used them 3 times so far.


The first one is the one drop fitness oil from P2. You have to massage a tiny drop of it into your nail and its supposed to nourish your dry nails. So far I really like it. As previously said I have only used it three times but in combination with the other two products I do believe my nails look a bit healthier. I actually saw the product in a blogpost though I cannot find it again. If you happen to read this feel free to comment the link below and ill put it on here.


After using the oil I put on this calcium nail polish. It is also from P2. It dries really fast, faster than any other nailpolish I own. I know it looks greenish in the bottle but once you put it on your nails it looks like a clear base coat and you can also use it as one.


My last purchase was this 6-step buffer nail file. I use it before I apply the oil and the polish. Even though it was ranted cheap it makes my nails smooth and they look shiny after I’m done :DD the first side is the one to shorten your nails, I don’t usr that one because it is too gruff.

Stay classy, stay fabulous 🙂


6 Kommentare

  1. Fashion Galleria · Mai 9, 2014

    Great post! I would love to try it too.

  2. fitandsparklinglife · Mai 9, 2014

    Das Öl sieht sehr interessant aus, denn ich habe seeeehr trockene Nägel 😦

    • leiaanne · Mai 9, 2014

      Also bisher muss Ich sagen kann Ich es auch Nur empfehlen. Ich hab schon das Gefühl meine Nägel sind gesünder als vorher obwohl Ich das noch nicht so lange benutze. 🙂

  3. fashiontipp · Mai 11, 2014

    Dein Post gefällt mir sehr. Ich möchte unbedingt die Produkte ausprobieren, um meine Nägel noch besser zu pflegen.
    Lg, Marina

    • leiaanne · Mai 12, 2014

      Solltest du! Meine Nägel sehen schon viel gesünder aus 🙂

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