Casual Chic

Hello everyone! 🙂 I really am having a hard time starting this outfitpost for some reason. Haven’t had that in a while. Oh well, I’m just gonna try. The loss of my data that was on my computer was quite heartbreaking and I kind of relied on the pictures I took two weeks ago to be the main part of the next outfitpost. It has been raining a lot lately and I haven’t really had the chance to take any pictures with the weather being as moody as it was. I realize I sound a tad whiny right there, sorry. 😀

Bild                                            I know you can’t wait to hear more about the weather but we have to get back to business. For this outfitpost I decided to use what I wore on the weekend when I wen to my friends birthday. I actually wore Converse and dark washed jeans, because uhm that’s looks better?! Ok you got me, it’s more comfortable and I like comfortable clothes. I decided to wear this basic T-shirt that I got a few weeks ago and try to make it look more chic. For a rather casual look, I’d recommed jeans, converse and less jewerly.

stay classy, stay fabulous

Shirt – Monki

Pants – Vero Moda

Necklace – H&M

watch – Fossil

Shoes – Limelight

Purse – H&M

Jacket – Pimkie








23 Kommentare

  1. alexnguyen · Mai 14, 2014

    Super cute look!
    -Alex of

  2. Diana · Mai 14, 2014

    Super cool look from top to toe! Those boots are killer! Love them!!

    x Diana

  3. Nout @ SandpaperKissesBlog · Mai 15, 2014

    I love the boots! And your hair too!

  4. tanicr · Mai 15, 2014

    Those boots are really cool, love the way you pair it. Great post. Xx

  5. Kim · Mai 15, 2014

    Schöner, schlichter Look 🙂 Die Tasche ist toll 🙂 Und beim nächsten Mal dann aber bitte schwingend auf der Schaukel! 😀

    Liebe Grüße

    • leiaanne · Mai 15, 2014

      Haha. Gute Ideen werden umgesetzt! Und danke 🙂

  6. Hazel · Mai 16, 2014

    Das Outfit hast du sehr schick hinbekommen 🙂 gute Kombinationen !
    LG Hazel

    • leiaanne · Mai 17, 2014

      Danke sehr 🙂 freut mich dass es dir gefällt 🙂

  7. Fashion Sky Fall · Mai 18, 2014

    Great boots ❤

    • leiaanne · Mai 18, 2014

      Thank you 🙂 I got them on sale few months ago 🙂

  8. talker blogger · Mai 18, 2014

    Boots are so cute

  9. elmundooo · Mai 21, 2014

    Ein sehr schöner Look 🙂 Es steht dir sehr, besonders gefällt mir die Kombination von grau&schwarz ❤

  10. fashiontipp · Mai 22, 2014

    Ein schöner Look! Die Tasche ist toll.

  11. sundaysattwelve · Mai 23, 2014

    Sehr schönes Outfit!- gefällt mir gut! Classy und fabulous;) Danke für’s Folgen!
    Alles Liebe,

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