Going slow

hello lovely readers! 🙂

I received a complaint from my friend yesterday, telling me it was already the end of the week and I hadn’t uploaded anything. Obviously she wasn’t being serious but that reminded me of rearrange my priorities. What am I saying, of course she was serious who wouldn’t be upset to wait for my awesome blogposts? It’s basically the highlight of the week. Seriously though, I try stick more to my schedule from now on.

I had a great whit monday (if that is the right expression) so far, went for a little run with my dad and then went for a swim. The weather has been great lately and I want to enjoy every bit of it before it changes back to windy, cold and rainy.

What has any of this to do with the title? Absolutly nothing. Though the other day I saw some really cool Slowmotion videos on Chandler’s Instagram and wanted to try to do some myself. I did, wearing this outfit. I’ll upload it later on my instagram. Also I put the pictures in a folder and named it ‚going slow‘ and with my lack of creativy I just ended up taking it as today’s title. Super interesting, I know.

Moving on. For yesterday’s, who am i kidding, last week’s outfit I decided to wear a skirt I bought at H&M a while ago. I didn’t have a chance to wear it until last weekend though. I found the shirt at Monkis a little bit ago and my necklace is from Forever21.




11 Kommentare

  1. Mary · Juni 9, 2014

    Sehr schönes Outfit! Das Oberteil und die Kette gefallen mir besonders gut. 🙂
    Gruß, Mary

    • leiaanne · Juni 10, 2014

      Danke sehr 🙂 forever21 hat ganz viele ähnliche ketten 🙂

  2. talker blogger · Juni 10, 2014

    Love the studded boots !

  3. Hazel · Juni 10, 2014

    Gut gelungenes Outfit 🙂 alles ist gut abgestimmt, Kette und Rock gefallen mir sehr gut 🙂

  4. thinklovemakeup · Juni 11, 2014

    Cute and simple, I love the boots. Steph x

  5. Sam · Juni 13, 2014

    Love the outfit!

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