Casual layered look

Guess what guys, tomorrow around this time I’m on my way to the hurricane festival!!! 🙂 ok I had to throw  that out here 🙂 I’ll be talking about it next week, hopefully. 
But for today you have to be satisfied with my outfit I wore to my aunt’s on Saturday. With the cold weather outside I decided on wearing a layered look. we had a little barbecue outside and I didn’t want to be freezing the whole time. I wore my most comfortable yoga pants paired with a button up shirt. I decided on a pair of sneakers and a striped pullover. To make the outfit look less casual I wore jewellery with it 🙂





6 Kommentare

  1. Rikzah Zia · Juni 20, 2014

    you look so beautiful ~ 😀

  2. Latitude of style · Juni 21, 2014

    Very nice outfit. Love the way that your wear stripes on the white shirt. Happy weekend. 😀

  3. fashiontipp · Juni 25, 2014

    I like your look

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