Hurricane festival 14

I don’t know about you but I had a wonderful weekend. Also I had my last test! That means I am free now! I finally have plenty of time to invest into this blog. Though next week I am supposed to write a 15-pages paper about the mexican spanish. I know super exciting, now could you please contain yourselves! But until then I’ll tell you about my amazing weekend.

On the weekend I went to the Hurricane festival in Scheeßel. This post won’t be exactly the way I wanted it to be at first but we’ll see. I took some photos of festival outfits that I was going to wear but I didn’t actually end up wearing any of these because when I planned out this post I htought the weather was going to be way better than what it actually was. Also I really don’t remember where I put these pictures but I’ll look for them later and share them with you on the weekend. Whenever I noticed that problem I thought about taking pictures of people that wore nice outfits to the festival but it was either raining or we were too busy watching our favorite acts perform. With that said, I decided to just tell you about the weekend and share some pictures I took.


My friend and I (I hope she won’t sue me for sharing pictures with her in) left shortly after school and got there at 6pm. When we got there the festival had already begun and most of the people that were camping there had already build up there tent. After seeing how full everthing was we thought it’d be better to sleep in the car. Which was completly ok because we’re both kind of short (I’m 1.63m (5’3) and she is 1.67m (5’4) ), we could lay back there with our legs completly straight and still had room left. Probably the first time I was glad being that short. 😉 Anyway that day we went to see ‚the kooks‘, ‚bombay bisicle club‘, ‚elbow‘, ‚casper‘ and ‚macklemore & ryan lewis‘. If you haven’t noticed yet we were somewhat prefering british acts.

On saturday we were sleeping in and then spent most of the time on the festival area. We saw a bit of the ‚Donots‘, and then split up so that my friend went to see ‚the 1975‘ and I went to see ‚Bastille‘. It was a bit weird splitting up but we met nice people who made it less akward and we found each other soon after the concerts. Also we saw ‚family of the year‘, ‚Lily Allen and ‚Tom Odell‘, who by the way was amazing!!!!!!! He is perfect, just saying. Sunday we only got to see ‚Passenger‘, ‚Bonaparte‘ and ‚Ed Sheeran‘.

It was the first festival we ever went to and of course we did a whole lot wrong. For example bring something with flowers on it! Ok not really but there were plenty of girls with a flower hairband and that looked pretty proper for a festival. Also rain boots can be very necessary as well. Which we did take with us, because we’re pretty much festival experts now. 😀 It seemed like you are supposed to do anything to be noticed. That can be by putting neon color in your face or the previous mentioned hairbands. This probably sounds quite naive since that might be common knowledge to you… well it wasn’t to us. 😉

It was amazing, all of it! Uh and sorry for going crazy on all these pictures. Wanted to share as much as possible with you ;D


i cant go anywhere without taking a yoga picture… I’m awful! 🙂



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