Festival outfits

Hello lovelies, as promised here is the post about festival outfits. I decided on two somewhat different styles. The first one was planned for better weather while the second one works for more colder temperatures. I wore my most comfortable tennis shoes that are now a little worn out from the hurricane but since I took these pictures before the hurricane festival so it doesn’t matter. Also I wore some light washed, high wasted denim shorts from Forever21. Lately I really have been into wearing high waisted pants with cropped shirts. I like wearing cropped shirts but I alsways feel like it shows too much of my belly but I really like wearing them with highwaisted shorts. I’d take a warm cardigan with me for cold nights.


The second outfit is quite similiar, kinda. It consits out of high waisted shorts and a cropped shirt, which makes it basically the same.The black shorts I wear, were purchased at Primark last year. I didn’t have time to try it on and it was really cheap. I ended up buying it anyway. It didn’t fit. Because why would I be lucky and buy shorts without trying them on that did fit? Well i gained weight since then, tried it on anyway and it fits. How? I don’t know but I don’t really care either. ;D My boots are from Macys I believe and if I remember correctly so is the flanel. I like the whole tieing it around the waist thing. Also if it gets colder you can, well just put it on. I know eewww it also has a practical aspect…Last but least I am wearing this lovely shirt from Pacsun. It’s my favorite. It’s cropped also. 😀




6 Kommentare

  1. alligatortoe · Juni 29, 2014

    Super cute outfits!! Perfect for a summer festival! 🙂

  2. talker blogger · Juni 29, 2014

    What cool outfits …

  3. fashiontipp · Juli 2, 2014

    pretty look 🙂

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