Hair Product Review: Balea Repair

Hey lovelies 🙂
Its review time! I have been complaining about my hair a lot in my posts but I have recently found new hair care products that have actually been very helpful so far. After using them for a month I do feel like it might be the right time to let you in, in my haircare secret.

DSC00233I cut most of the dead ends off but there are still some left and just because I cut the split ends doesn’t mean they felt softly or were easy to brush through. I’ve bought these four Products at a local DM-store for less than 10€, which is quite cheap. Before that I used a Shampoo, conditioner and hair fluid from a different brand which was a little more expensive.
Anyway, as previously mentioned I bought them one month ago and i was my hair about 5 times a week. I try to get rid of the habit of washing it everyday so it won’t dry out or become oily that often anymore. Everytime I was my hair I use the shampoo and the conditioner. Additionally I use a deep conditioner once a week and leave it in for about 20 mintutes. I massage the hair fluid in the tips of my hair two to three times a week because I personally don’t like the way my hair feels when I put it in.

First of all it has no silicone in it, which was the main reason I wanted to try it.
Now that I have been using it for a month my hair feels so much softer! I can brush through it without using my, I can’t find an english translation… its a deep conditioner that you can spray on your hair… it’s by John Frieda blonde vitalizer. After using my usual conditioner and shampoo I always have to use it to be able to brush through but now after using the Balea Shampoo I can simply brush through it. Also it’s easier to brush it if I don’t use conditioner at all.
I really recommend using Balea repair shampoo and conditioner so far. My hair feels softer and looks healthier as far as I can estimate.


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