Trip to Barcelona

Hey lovelies 🙂
As you can see I made a decision on whether or whether not to talk a bit about my study trip to Barcelona last week. We only stayed there for 4 and a half days but we did a whole lot of sightseeing,  thanks to my very motivated teacher. 🙂 anyway this won’t be about clothing and fashion so if that’s what you came here for, I apologise but you can stop reading from now on.
So here are some buildings you really should try to get a look at when you happen to go to barcelona.
The first one would be la sagrada familia. The church was designed by Gaudì but still isn’t finished to this day and won’t be until 2026.



My Number 2 is the museo nacional, which is a huge impressive building that has a water fountain in front of it. On the weekends there is a water show with lights and music starting at 9pm. It is very crowded and I’d recommend showing up an hour early.





The Third place you should go to is the food market located at las ramblas. It’s a great place to get some refreshing fruit juices, fruits or anything else you’d like to have for lunch. They also have a variety of many different ingredients just as almost any kind of fish, lobster and even brain. I don’t know what animal from though. You probably won’t find that in your local supermarket 😉

Number 4 is this beautiful church. It isn’t as impressive from the outsde as the buildings I’ve mentioned before but is more than stunning in the inside.


The last point on my list of the places you should visit when going to barcelona is quite obvious: the beautiful beach and harbour. I am a quite pale blonde from Germany and after 2 hours on the beach I was sun burned! I put on sun screen ever 30 minutes but that did hardly help at all. So if you decide to go there and just lay out in the sun, be careful.


I hope you found this a tad interesting and that this might even help you with making a choice about your next travel destination.


4 Kommentare

  1. fashiontipp · Juli 29, 2014

    Barcelona ist Traumstadt!
    Lg, Marina

  2. Jecky · September 14, 2014

    Oh, ich liebe Barcelona! War da sowohl dieses, als auch letztes Jahr. Ist für mich einfach der perfekte Mix aus Strand, Stadt und vor allem Shoppiiiiing 🙂 Die Inditex-Läden sind dort aber auch zu verführerisch günstig!

    XX aus Nürnberg

    • leiaanne · September 14, 2014

      Da kann ich dir nur zustimmen 🙂 barcelona ist echt toll 🙂

    • leiaanne · Oktober 4, 2014

      Da kann ich dir nur zustimmen 🙂

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