What I wore in… New York City

Well hello there,
hope you haven’t forgotten me, if you did, hi, my name is lea.
This is the start of my little series I decided to do a while ago but never actually did. But here it is, yay.
During my summer break I went on a little adventure with my parents, though you might not acutally call it an adventure I’d say. We went on vaccation for almost five weeks and went on a little roadtrip on the westcoast. Before we did that though my parents really wanted to go to New York City. So thats where our little „adventure“ started.
I wanted to talk a little bit about what there is to do in those cities or at least what I ended up doing. There will be pictures about what I wore there, since this is a fashionblog, obviously.


We spent 3.5 days in NYC but didn’t quite get to see all that much! We wanted to do a lot sightseeing combined with shopping, of course. As mentioned in my previous post: You can’t go to NYC and not buy any clothes! Anyway, we did most of it walking and only went by the subway once, so everything took a little while.
We got to our hotel around 6p.m. on the first day and we were pretty exhausted from the long flight so we decided to just walk around timesquare since our hotel was only about 10 minutes (walking!) away from it. And I know many of you have been to New York before but aren’t you amazed everytime you go there? I am!

On the second day we spend a lot(!!!) of time walking around. We went to the 9/11 memorial and did a guided tour. I can only recommend it! Especially if you want to get more information about what happend and how it affected everyone. Later we walked down Wall Street and walked to downtown manthatten to get on the staten island ferry. The ferry takes about 30 minutes to get from one harbour to the other and leaves about every 15 minutes. It’s pretty nice if you don’t care too much to go on ellis island. On the next couple of days we went shopping, went to the empire state building and did a 2 hour guided night bus tour through Manhatten and Brooklyn.

But this isn’t a travel blog, right? So let’s talk about my outfits. A little disclaimer though, I didn’t exactly dress nicely when we were in New York… I know, I am just as dissapointed in myself.



3 Kommentare

  1. talker blogger · Oktober 4, 2014

    Looking great !!! I love the city .. Always so much happening …

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