What I wore in… Death Valley and Yosemite National Park

Hello lovely readers,

The United States have so many pretty places that we decided we wanted to see some of them. In San Fransisco we rented a car and drove the way to Yosemity National Park. Since I didn’t exactly wear a whole lot of different outfits and there are more nature pictures, I thought it’d be appropriate to put both in one post.

It took forever to get to Yosemite because we had to get used to the car, the roads and the GPS… I know that might make us look stupid… but it really wasn’t as easy as expected. Anyway, Yosemite was so beautiful. A lot of trees, very hilly but stunningly beautiful. It was quite hot so we could run around in shorts and shirt, along the way there were a lot of people taking a swim in the lakes in the national park. We spent most of the noon on the road and only got there at around 3. We then tried to explore a bit of the park and bought some groceries at the park’s supermarket. Later my Dad and I took a swim in the pool and the four of us sat until 1 a.m. outside talking about everything.

DSC01161DSC01183 DSC01140DSC01131

I know I said Yosemity was hot, Death Valley was way worse. Not that I didn’t expect it to be incredibly warm it seemed to be even worse. I personally don’t think Death Valley is as beautiful as Yosemite but still very impressing. There is so much dead land, that it seems a bit scary. But there are some pretty places to watch the sun set and go down.

DSC01216 DSC01249DSC01234


5 Kommentare

  1. talker blogger · Oktober 25, 2014

    The pictures came
    Out great!!!
    Love the logo „Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow“ .. That’s so apt !

    • leiaanne · Oktober 25, 2014

      Thanks :)) I only bought the shirt because of the caption. 😂

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