OOTW: vacation inspiration

Hello everyone,

I was on vacation in Turkey the past week and took a few snaps of the Outfits I wore that I know want to share with you. With the temperatures above 40°Celsius in summer some lose flowy clothes are just the best Option, am I right?

Day 1

11774341_859568720759752_955169580_n 11721398_859568707426420_284479292_n11749721_859568704093087_301564759_n

These Shorts are the most comfortable Shorts in the world!! And perfect for hot summer days, they are high waisted and I like to pair them with cropped tops, I Chose a seethrough one from H&M to Show off my Bikini underneath. All items were purchased at H&M.

Day 2

11125972_859568684093089_450856167_n 11749411_859568610759763_116622227_n

The Quality of those photos isn’t quite good but I’m sure you can see what I am wearing. As usual I went through with the highwaisted Shorts and cropped top theme but this time I went for rather tight Shorts and a lose Shirt. The Shorts are from Forever21 and the Shirt is from Pacsun.

Day 3

11751030_859568747426416_1223982005_n 11751174_859568734093084_1438904938_n 11774660_859568770759747_694780973_n 11780076_859568500759774_1019549780_oMy favorite go to in summer have to be romper. I bought this White one in a Little botique in New York and I absolutly love it. Though we all know the Problems coming with rompers yet being able to wear a ouncie in public is totally worth it, am I right?

Day 4

11774811_859568567426434_495240530_n 11787206_859568530759771_34502566_n 11787403_859568550759769_1447204319_n11778016_859568587426432_796318058_n

I know now it almost seems a bit crazy not wearing high waisted Shorts and a cropped top on day 3 but don’t you worry, I got right back to it. I felt a tad naked with a short cropped top so I threw over a Kimono to look more dressed. Also the flowy material didn’t make it too warm. Bought the Shorts at forever 21, the bralette is from UrbanOutfitters and the Kimono is from H&M.

Day 5

11780633_859568790759745_1912225238_n 11780371_859568837426407_1368595699_nOn the last day i wore another romper. I really like pattern of it also it’s the first romper I feel comfortable wearing when going out because I feel fully dressed. I found it at Forever21.


2 Kommentare

  1. moonstone34 · Juli 23, 2015

    Great vacation looks! Hope you had a great time!

    xo, Jackie

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