Summer weather – Fall feeling

I have to admit that it has been getting colder these past days though nowhere fall weather. The past weeks it has been above 30°C which was even warmer than during summer break don’t think I’m complaining, diggin‘ it. Never the less it has been about time for some fall colors and fall clothes.

Due to the high temperatures it wouldn’t be reasonable wearing anything different than ripped Mom-Jeans and cropped shirts. For it to feel more like fall I went for this mustard coloured cropped see-through shirt, which btw is longsleeved so its basically designed for fall! The Mom-Jeans are ripped which is great for this weather if you don’t want to wear shorts anymore but it would get to warm wearing jeans. Paired with some cut-out booties and your goood to go.



2 Kommentare

  1. thefashionsaladx · Oktober 19, 2016

    Looks sooo good! 😍

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