Last summer-kind-of-post 

Typing this it has been pouring outside and this was actually supposed to be a last Summer-kind-of-post for this year. Regardless I’d like to share this Outfit with you since there might be some ‚more last warm Fall days‘. 

Also I might not have had another Chance since it seems to be always too dark to take photos that I could share. I mean i Know I’m supposed to Love Fall like everyone else does but i already miss The Long Summer Nights (and days if that makes more sense) Anyways, i have to admit I am slightly excited for pumpkin picking (and carving), cozy sweaters  and hot chocolate. (Also pumpkin spiced latte has a good Reputation). So if I get the chance to take some more pictures any time soon, I promise this will be the last summer-kind-of-post for this year.

I recently purchased this vsx sportsbra which works way better as a bralette to show of underneath a low cut Tee. Also I might be slightly obsessed with anything that allows me not to wear a bra without not wearing a bra. (I Will Never be able to say,Type,read that Without having jess from New Girl complaining about boob prison in my head). Anyway i also think this looks pretty neat and is just way too comfy! I Paired the bralette and T-Shirt with Black Jeans and some sneakers to have a casual Outfit with some nice detailling


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