Sweater weather – turtleneck Sweater and chelsea boots

Jup, there it is. Even if I’d wanted to there would be no way I could’ve put in another summer Outfit because, People, it has been freezing cold outside! Freezing! Ok maybe it had not yet been as cold but it certainly feels like it. And I have to admit I like beeing able to pull off some of these nice and warm sweaters which btw are way too comfortable to realize you can actually wear them outside your bed. I admit I might have been overreacting complaining about fall last week.

Nevertheless I’ll continue complaining about the cold weather (freezing! I’m telling you) and enjoy wearing comfy sweaters while wishing summer back and being exciting for all the fall activities at the same time. I make so much sense, right?!

Now can we talk abot this Sweater and how much I love the Color?! It’s such a pretty plum Color. Also I really like the cut, the turtle neck doesn’t feel sufficating and also the Sweater has the perfect length. It’s not cropped and not too Long either.


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