Black and white – highwaisted jeans and cropped sweaters

So i bought this cropped sweater (, jumper, pullover, Shirt – whatever, there are so many words for it and I really don’t know which one suits the best) a while ago. Like really a while ago, i think it has been sitting in my closet for about 5 month and did not ever get to wear it, not that I wasn’t thinking about it sitting there in between all of my clothes all by itself. Also when I bought it I was all over it and needed (yes NEEDED!).

Anyways when I thought about wearing it I pictured a black ripped high waisted pair of jeans which I obviously ended up wearing it with. Though now looking back I am pretty sure any other pair of jeans would have done the job just as good or maybe even better. Buying it I thought I would be wearing it to School, since it is very comfortable and casual. The reason I didn’t wear it yet is that the pants I wanted to wear with it (the ones in the Pictures if I haven’t made that clear yet) are too small (I know, so sad!) and I couldn’t pictue the outfit with any other coloured highwaisted Jeans I own (like the Grey or blue pair of Jeans, that I still fit in). I might be a little ridiculous, a Little.

Now that it has been getting colder and I have been thinking even more about this sweater I decided I can’t but it on hold any longer, I needed it in my life so badly I can’t let it sit all alone in there  (am I being overly dramtic? – I might be).

Also, i don’t know about you, but warm cropped Sweaters seem to be Kind of missing the Point to me, since they fail to Keep your core warm at all. And wearing a tank top underneath kinda ruins the look.


2 Kommentare

  1. dorie · Oktober 26, 2016

    Sweet sweater! Really nice Outfit ♡
    Liebe Grüße, Dorie

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